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Ashton Assist are the value-added services we offer our funeral home customers.

Most of our services are free.

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FREE Funeral home catalogues

Our Graphic Designer creates your own branded coffin and casket catalogue, of your Ashton range. You get three free professionally printed and ring-bound albums, and a free high-resolution digital copy for your tablet computers or website.


FREE Expression Coffin signs

The signs are 100cm x 70cm and show a selection of the coffin designs in colour and high-resolution. They come complete with mounting string—ready to hang on your arrangement room or showroom wall.


FREE Timber swatches

Small sections of paper veneered MDF, timber veneer, or solid timber. These can help when explaining the different materials and colours of Ashton coffins and caskets to families.


FREE Skill Enhancement Training (SET)

We come to you and train your team (very useful for arrangers). Topics include: Strengthen your knowledge of your range; Develop a professional approach to coffin selection that empowers families; and Improve your merchandising practices.


FREE Educational factory tours

Guided tours of our coffin production. Learn about our processes and materials. See the machinery, our robotics, our range of raw timbers and our craftsman working on your coffin range—very helpful for arrangers.


FREE Touch-up kits

Kits are supplied with brushes, lacquers and paints to match your coffin and casket range. Helpful when you need to make a small repair.


FREE Coffin Range Analyser (CRA) software

CRA gives you insights into your current coffin and casket range. It can help you predict where to make changes in your range.


Ashton Virtual Showroom (AVS)

Interactive iPad coffin and casket displays in your funeral home. Can also be used for in-home arrangements.


FREE Funeral Director resources

Educational videos; How-to videos; funeral home marketing tips; coffin weights/dimensions; downloadable high-resolution coffin images; funeral home signs; professional development articles; all catalogues and price lists. Available for you to download in our Free Resources section.


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