Funeral directors are often called upon to speak in front of an audience and to make speeches at local businesses or events. We all want our speeches to have impact and be memorable and the infographic at the end of this article can help you to leave a lasting impression at your next speaking engagement.

We all know what an ‘average’ speech sounds like. We have seen many, maybe hundreds of them over our lifetimes. They’re good, and they’re useful, but they’re not awe-inspiring.

Conversely, we all know what an amazing speech sounds like. They are absorbing, captivating, and inspire action. These type of speeches grab our attention from the very start and leave us with something memorable by the end.

While a lot of credit should go to a person’s speechmaking skills, there are elements of great and memorable speeches that we can adapt into our own speeches.

Website has put together the infographic below to help create a truly memorable and persuasive speech. It explains the elements of a great topic, how to structure a speech to achieve the best response, how to construct the body to support a claim, how to prepare to give a speech, and tips for a successful delivery.

A Simple Guide to Writing a Memorable Speech [infographic]