We’d like to show you an easy way to professionally display your coffin and casket range on an iPad.

In the past, funeral homes like yours told us: 

  • “We would like to have the option to show families our coffin/casket range on an iPad.”
  • “We find it difficult setting up our iPads to display our coffin range.”
  • “We want full control of the content on our iPads.”
  • “We’d like the ability to display our coffin range on a flat screen in the arrangement room.”
  • “We need an app that can display our other products and services too.”
  • “Plugging into the computer and using iTunes to send images to the iPad is clumsy and confusing – there must be an easier way.”


These were valid points – I’m sure you can relate to at least one of them.

So on your behalf, we tested a range of iPad apps that you could use to display your coffin and casket range (plus your other products & services too).

And eventually, we found one that:

  • Overcame the above issues;
  • Was cheap ($4.49 from the App Store);
  • Was suitable for funeral arrangements;
  • Could be updated wirelessly; and
  • Was easy to use.

If this sounds interesting to you, then click here for more information.




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