Do you ever arrange funerals with client families who want a particular coloured coffin?

They might say something to you like…

“We’d like a purple coffin for mum – it was her favourite colour.”

Of course, you want to help them with their request.

But guess what?

There’s a million-and-one variations of purple…

The purple colour they want, may actually be mauve, or lilac, or even violet.

Thankfully Expression Coffins are available in any solid colour.

All you need to do with the family is find the correct colour and let us know.


Here’s what to do…

1.     Go to this Dulux webpage: (Note: you don’t have to use Dulux, but it has a nice selection of colours and is easy to use)

2.     Scroll down to the ‘Colour Atlas’

3.     Click on one of the colour bars

4.     Select your colour from the swatches (there are 1000’s to choose from)

5.     Advise us of the colour name and number (e.g.: Exploding Star, S17H7)

6.     We’ll then email you a proof of the Expression Coffin for approval by the family.

7.     Once approved, we’ll get the coffin underway.


The great thing about using Expression Coffins for solid colour coffins is that there are no paint fumes from drying paint.

Additionally, you can have almost any colour imaginable (as you’d appreciate, what you see on a computer screen always differs slightly to the finished coffin – but we get very close).

And the price?

You only pay a standard Expression Coffin price. We do not charge extra for solid colours.