Another year has passed, Mother’s Day is upon us.

This day can prove challenging if you’re mourning the loss of your mum.

No matter how long ago your mum passed, you’ll always miss her on Mother’s Day.

Here are 8 meaningful ways you can honour your mum this Mother’s Day…

  • Do something together

What did you and your mum like doing together? Baking a cake, sitting in a café together, taking a walk on the beach, or simply watching a movie. Get together with the people that loved her and do this activity with them. But, before starting it, make sure you share memories, videos, photos and stories of her with everyone.


  • Take out a pen and paper

Writing your feelings, your thoughts is a proven way to reduce stress and calm your mind. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with a pen and paper, if you feel more comfortable writing on your phone, or on a computer, just use the support that you find more appealing. Write a letter, a poem, or simply a memory about your mom will help you express how much she meant to you.


  • Visit her final resting place

Go to her gravesite, or where you placed her ashes. Give it a clean, remove any leaves or dirt, maybe leave a flower bouquet there, maybe even her favourite cookie! Mark your visit there, maybe have a “talk” with her, express how much you miss her.


  • Plant a Tree

Do you have a backyard? What about planting a tree in memory of your mum? Go to the nursery, choose a sapling, dig a hole, bring her loved ones together and have a tree planting ceremony. Say a few words, share memories, show pictures. Once the tree is placed, asked each assembled member to toss a handful of dirt in. Maybe add a small plaque at the base.

If you can’t have a tree in your yard, you could donate one to your community, a park, a place of worship, or somewhere your mum liked.


  • Create a Memory Book

Scrapbooking is fun, creative and a great way to create a lasting memorial. Look for images of your mum that brings back memories. You can ask other loved ones to contribute too. Then, either alone or in a get together, maybe during a long weekend, or any meaningful day, share stories together about the photos, and create a new long-lasting memory in her favour.


  • Healing through helping

Did you mum care about a cause? Or did she donate towards research for a cure for a disease? Maybe you could volunteer some of your time to benefit others—doing the things she cared about.


  • Create a Memorial Video

Shoot a video with your phone, or create a detailed slideshow with pictures, video, music and text. Once done, share it with her loved ones, post it on social media or share it with the whole world.


  • Give your Time

Did you have a tradition with your mum for Mother’s Day? Maybe you could help brighten the day of another mum by doing the same for her?

If you don’t know someone already, considering asking a nursing home, or even at your workplace. Your mum will never be replaced, but sharing your love and helping someone would have made her proud of you.



Source: Chris Raymond