Our stunning Return to Sender coffin, the Archetype Rimu, is a modern take on a traditional shape.

  • Made of sustainably harvested rimu.
  • The handles are integrated in wood so metal or plastic handles are not required.
  • The interior is a feature and does not need to be hidden with fabric.
  • The lid is fixed by wooden keys (supplied).
  • Finished with a subtle¬†wax sheen.
  • Australian wool fleece mattress & pillow
  • Part of the Memorial Tree Program.
  • Internal dimensions L x W x D (cm): 195 x 54 x 33


The optional extras available for this coffin include:

  • Bamboo blanket
  • Nameplate
  • Crucifix

Archetype Rimu coffin diagram

What is Rimu timber?

Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum) is a sustainable, native New Zealand timber. It is prized for its inherently beautiful grain and is used extensively for fine furniture and in older character homes as finishing timber.

Rimu forests are required to be managed to exacting standards under detailed long-term sustainable management plans. Every forest has its own individual Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry approved Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Plan or SFM Permit.