A personalised Expression Coffin can greatly help to make a funeral more meaningful for a family. The feedback that we receive from our funeral directors as well as families is a testament to this. Comments such as: “It was truly Dad”, “It’s exactly what my wife would have wanted”, and “It celebrates his life beautifully”, are frequent responses we receive when people choose a personalised Expression Coffin.

The personalised Expression Coffin design process is made very simple by our creative team, who work with funeral consultants or directly with the family. The steps below outline the process that our creative team goes through to produce a personalised design.


Images and information received

We receive images from either our funeral director clients or directly from the family.

The images are often scanned from old photos that may be torn, faded or damaged.

We can fix most issues with damaged images in Photoshop.

The funeral director or family may suggest some design ideas or more often they leave it up to us to create the design.

Example of damaged photos that we can fix

Some photos are scanned and sent to us with rips or creases. Our team can ‘repair’ these issues in Photoshop.


Photoshopping and correcting images

Images are imported into Photoshop and any issues are digitally ‘repaired’.

We start to formulate design and layout ideas at this stage.

Colour corrected and photoshopped image

The colours of this image are made more vibrant and the lighting improved using Photoshop. The torn corner is digitally ‘repaired’ using Photoshop also.


Design layout developed

We develop ideas for the design and download any supporting images from our online digital image databases.

Our image databases have over 50 million high resolution images which we have access to.

Choosing a background or supporting image

A supporting panoramic image is selected which will be used along the sides of the coffin. This image is chosen because it has similar colours to the images that the family supplied and is a famous snowboarding location.


Final design

A final design is developed and digital 3D rendered proofs are created and sent to the family and/or funeral consultant for approval.

Alterations and changes to the design can be made during this stage, before the coffin is produced.