Time Management is one of those management buzzwords, but it actually relates to the process of planning and consciously controlling the amount of time we spend on various activities, with the goal of increasing our effectiveness and productivity.

Most of us know that we could be managing our time more effectively, but it can be difficult to do in practice. When we do manage our time well we are highly productive at work, and our stress levels usually decrease.

We have put together this 60 second self-assessment that will show you how well (or not) your time management principles are working for you.


Print out the score sheet below and put a 1, 2 or 3 in each box that best describes you right now.


Once you have completed the score sheet add up your answers to reveal what your score says about your time management practices below.


How did you score?


Below 24: Danger zone

Time management is virtually non-existent and there are danger signs that you are losing control of your time. The impact on others around you will be significant. Think about the consequences of continuing to live your life this way.

Review your answers and identify ways to improve your time management.


24 – 33: Pressure cooker

You are doing most of your work under pressure and this is causing stress for you and the people around you. You have a feeling of never really getting on top of the workload.

Identify ways to do work that is in line with your long term goals, rather than just doing the ‘urgent, not important’ tasks.


34 – 43: Almost there

You are probably using effective time management tools currently, but there may be some areas which could improve. Some days can be hectic, but you tend to manage okay. However, if more challenges or activities come your way, then chaos may come to the fore again.


44 – 53: Balanced and in control

You have a terrific attitude to your work and your time. You leave a balanced life and plan your time so that you do the things that are important to you. If you have been just focusing on your time management at work, consider how are you manage your personal time. Is that as balanced and as in control as your work life?


54: Time management guru

If you scored 54 and were totally honest in your answers, you are a time management guru and could help others in your organisation or your personal life to master time management.