The delivery service that we provide for our clients is one of our key drivers and something that we are always looking to improve. Recently we have invested in state-of-the-art GPS fleet management technology to improve our casket and coffin delivery services.

Our delivery vehicles have been fitted with specialised GPS systems – similar to those used in passenger cars – which sends data about our vehicles in real-time back to our analysis software. The data we receive includes the vehicle’s location, the vehicle’s driver, what speed the vehicle is travelling, the estimated arrival time at the next location and a range of other useful information. The data is collated by our software and gives us detailed reports which can be highly beneficial for our dispatch team and our clients.

The main benefits for us are in efficiencies in route planning and fuel savings, as well as being able to know the location of our delivery vehicles at all times. Plus, we can ensure that our drivers stay within safe driving times to assist with fatigue management.

The great benefit of our fleet management system for our clients is that we can login to our system on any desktop computer or smartphone and give a real-time location of our clients’ delivery vehicle and an accurate time of delivery. We can also send the driver updated messages about any changes to their delivery schedule for the day.