For over one hundred years, Batesville Casket Company has manufactured the world’s finest caskets. Premium craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and constant innovation have become the hallmarks of Batesville and have helped the company to become the most iconic casket brand in the world.

You would be forgiven therefore, for assuming that all Batesville caskets are available at a premium price. But this is not correct.

You will be surprised to know that there is a selection of Batesville caskets that carries the iconic brand name and qualities but is significantly more affordable than the solid timber, bronze and steel options. This range of Batesville caskets allows more families to be able to choose a Batesville casket for their loved one, at a lower price point.

What’s more, these caskets are all fully crematable and part of Batesville’s trademarked Living Memorial® Program.

The graphic below shows the Brighton, Serenity and Taylor casket options from this range.

Please contact your Ashton account manager for more information on this range or you can download the full Batesville catalogue here.


Batesville value range infographic