Our production team uses the latest software to create detailed, 3D, CAD drawings to assist during the development and modification of our coffin and casket designs.

3D CAD drawing 1

This software allows our designers to create products that are:

  • the highest quality;
  • most up-to-date designs;
  • structurally sound; and
  • efficient to manufacture.

3D CAD drawing 2

These technical drawings also allow our robotic CNC machines to be programmed from the software to produce precise components, such as intricately detailed patterns on sides, lids and ends. 3D drawings also hasten the development time from initial product concept to full production output.

3D CAD drawing 3

Come and see how it’s all done

Funeral Directors are always welcome to schedule a tour through our facility to see our production process. Just call us when you are next coming to the Gold Coast and we will be happy to show you (or your team) through our factory.


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