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Is this the perfect baby casket?

The ‘Baby Crib’ from our Return to Sender line of coffins is a beautiful option for families who have lost a special child. Its gently curved shape makes it easy to cradle and gives the casket a soft, rounded look. It is made from sustainably harvested plywood and the...

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Latest 3D printing assisting in mortuary

A funeral home in Beijing has introduced three-dimensional printing to restore disfigured faces. The Babaoshan Funeral Home has resorted to 3D printing to reconstruct disfigured facial features or skulls of the deceased who suffered severe damage in accidents, the...

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Top 5 regrets of the dying

A palliative nurse who has counselled the dying in their last days has revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. And among the top, from men in particular, is 'I wish I hadn't worked so hard'. Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent...

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Look for the ‘Expression’ sticker

Our gold logo sticker on the toe end of each Expression Coffin, is your guarantee that you are buying the original, patented, Australian made product. We have superstars like Melissa on our team, who are passionate about keeping our standards of workmanship at the...

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“Dad loved the islands…”

We're proud that Expression Coffins help make funerals more meaningful for families... “Dad loved cruises, especially the islands. Him and mum had been on more than 20 cruises in their life together. In their early cruising days, they spent a lot of time on the...

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Inside the mind of a successful Manager [infographic]

An effective manager isn’t tyrannical. They don’t command unnecessarily, micromanage or instil fear. A successful manager can be approachable, amicable and even downright compassionate. These managers lead teams of satisfied employees, which reduces turnover and...

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Meeting the Deputy PM

Ashton’s Chief Executive Officer Rohan Kerr recently met the Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, at a function in Brisbane. The often serious and uncompromising Minister was relaxed and good-humoured at the event. Rohan had a detailed conversation with the...

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Would you welcome tours through your funeral home?

Throwing open the front doors of your funeral home to let inquisitive groups look through your facility may be a cause for consternation in some. In an industry where discretion is of foremost concern, welcoming groups of interested people through your premises may...

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You can almost eat our new pillow filler [infographic]

One of our brand values is our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. We continually work with our suppliers to develop products that will achieve this end. We have recently been working with one of our suppliers and have developed an amazing...

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Want to know how profitable your casket and coffin range is?

Funeral home owners and managers would agree that it is important to understand how well your casket and coffin range is working for you. Do you ever wonder… “Is this the best product range for my funeral home?” “Are we making the right margin on these caskets and...

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Would your families benefit from our Memorial Tree Program?

A memorial tree is a tree that is planted as a way of memorialising the life of a special person. You can think of it as a living legacy of a family’s loved one. When a family purchases one of your caskets or coffins from our Memorial Tree program range, a memorial...

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