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Outback Spectacular

Our new Ashdale Outback is a modern coffin design which was inspired by historical Australian outback scenes of slab-walled huts and natural, earthen colours. Beautiful timber Crafted from solid cedar Natural linseed oil finish to highlight timber grain...

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The funeral must go on

With floodwaters crippling much of Penang, Malaysia, daily life has ground to a halt for most residents. But for one family trying to give a relative a final send-off, there was little choice but to improvise and use a small boat to ferry...

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Our new Stockman Expression Coffin

For lovers of the Australian outback, there’s nothing more iconic than big-sky sunsets with silhouetted stockmen, cattle and slowly turning windmills. Our newest Expression Coffin design ‘The Stockman’ captures this imagery in stunning high-resolution. Why not add...

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Would you go to this bizarre coffin festival?

A tiny Spanish village of Las Nieves annually hosts the bizarre Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme. The festival is dedicated to those fortunate enough to have managed to cheat death and is known as the Festival of Near Death Experiences. Those that take part are...

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19th-century exploding coffins

Truth really is stranger than fiction. During the 19th-century there was a widespread fear, particularly in the US, about ‘body-snatching’. And, for good reason. Medical institutions routinely stole buried cadavers to demonstrate medical procedures to their...

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Design your own Expression Coffin on our new website

We’ve built a brand new Expression Coffins’ website that has an amazing, new, industry-first feature, that allows you to design your own coffin. This is the perfect tool to use during funeral arrangements with families, or alternatively, families can design their...

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Expression Coffin + Harley Davidson = very cool

It’s a pleasure seeing one of our Expression Coffins leaving through our front gates - especially behind a Harley Davidson!! Particularly, when we know that it’s going to make a more meaningful funeral for a family. Whether it’s...

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Are you proud of the work that you’re doing?

By traditional measures of success, Uber looked like a great business. From its humble beginnings in 2009 to a current valuation of almost $70 billion in early 2017, the ride-sharing app has grown to become one of the most valuable private tech firms in the world....

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The perfect choice for Aunty Jean

The Chester family came to us with an idea that they wanted an Expression Coffin for their beloved Aunty that reflected her love of New Zealand. Our Lake Wanaka design was just what they were looking for.   “My Aunty Jean was from the South Island and loved the...

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A special coffin for a local hero [video]

We were very proud and honoured to see one of our special Expression Coffin designs on the televised funeral of local hero and police officer Senior Constable Brett Forte recently. Senior Constable Forte was posthumously presented with...

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A grave mistake: How would you handle this?

True story: A huge blunder occurred in the Austrian town of Weiz which involved two dead pensioners A male, 90, was due to be cremated when the family asked for a last-minute viewing When they went to see him, they saw someone else; an unrelated 86-year-old man Their...

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